Albagaia - Advanced Oxidisation

Albagaia Advanced Oxidation specialises in the environmentally sound destruction of micro-organisms and harmful organic compounds. Albagaia holds patents for processes based on innovative photocatalytic technology. It uses chemical free, natural processes to destroy the reproductive capacity of bacteria and viruses and reduce harmful organic compounds to their harmless constituent parts. Albagaia also has experience in the use of Ozonation and other advanced oxidation technologies for similar purposes.

Standards for waste and toxic material treatment are rising, driven by tightening environmental regulations and growing public concerns. Albagaia products are designed to provide high quality outputs safely.

These can be used to treat waste or to provide contaminant free water and air meeting domestic and industrial requirements. Recently the company has developed advanced oxidation technology to recover aqueous materials from industrial waste streams.

Albagaia oxidation engages with clients in a four-stage process.

Albagaia has worked with various partners to carry out research in the following sectors: