Smart phone readers and connectivity

Albagaia developed and patented the world's first smartphone-based diagnostic test reader to complement its Hydrosense Legionella test. Now a standalone company first set up as a joint venture, NovarumDX exploits this test reader technology across the lateral flow test (LFT) market and beyond into medical, other chemical and biological assays.

Albagaia retains a license to develop the reader technology for water and environmental tests. The Hydrosense Legionella test reader and portal is an integrated part of the Hydrosense real-time risk management of Legionella system. Access to the Hydrosense smart phone test reader App and portal is provided as an integral part of the product offering. This allows clients to set up their own account on the portal where they can manage multiple clients and facilities.

Hydrosense, the world’s fastest and only on-site Legionella test, is firmly established as the market leader. It is sold by a growing network of resellers worldwide. The Hydrosense smartphone test reader is being marketed to the related market for connected database support services in water and Legionella control and management.

Refer to the Hydrosense website for more information.